Last night was spent at the theater watching Russell Crowe in yet another remake of Robin Hood- an okay film with nothing exceptionally wonderful about it. Saturday was my grad party, with everyone asking me about my plans. Now the balloons in my room have run out of helium, so they sit at their final resting place before being popped and thrown in the trash. A berry-colored one reading 'Congrats Grad!' is all that remains. It bounces back and forth as the fan produces gushes of wind. The curtains are drawn. It's been another morning where my nephew storms in, wakes me up and leaves my door open. Mother is speaking in her deep southern accent, the one that can only be heard when she's talking to family back in Tennessee. My aunt is on the other line, talking about brother. I haven't heard from him in three weeks, but that's always how it is.

It's Monday and I want to create something beautiful. I need to continue job hunting. I need to get serious about raising money for a mission trip to Chile. Does anyone have any advice on how to do such things? How does one raise $1,500 by the first week of June?

I watched a newborn bird on my balcony two days ago. It was standing with its brothers and sisters, until one by one they all flew off, each going separate directions. One remained and was alone for several minutes, looking as if it were afraid to fly off like the others. The tiny bird was just a little slower, that's all. But eventually it walked to the edge, took a leap and soared away. That's where I am right now. Everyone has moved on and received their diplomas. They'll soon be off to working their real jobs, with real salaries. I'm just a little slower to getting there, I think. β˜…