RDJ, why are you so cool? This past week I’ve seen Iron Man 2 in theaters, twice. Iron Man on DVD, twice. Sherlock Holmes. Rolling Stone cover stuck to my magnet board. When my mother confessed to throwing the magazine in the trash, I simply couldn't believe it. Between the two of us, we found it still sitting in the trashcan. No stains, no smell, good as new. I already admitted I was obsessed, okay? Okay.

With thirty minutes to kill before watching The Vampire Diaries finale tonight (side note: two words- Damon Salvatore), I drove to Wally World to purchase the Iron Man 2 soundtrack. Windows rolled down, my cheap aviators covering my face, Back in Black blasting through the speakers. One can try to be bad-a, right? Sigh. Tony Stark has really gone to my head. What are you obsessing over these days, readers? ★

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