Best $10 I've spent in a while: The Mighty Ducks & D2 The Mighty Ducks DVDs. Was I the only one who had a crush on Charlie Conway? I'd say he ranked up there with Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez from The Sandlot, Junior from Little Giants and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Anyway, these movies were childhood favorites, along with many others. It has me thinking about all the great movies I grew up watching.

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1. The Goonies 2. Homeward Bound 3. The Sandlot 4. The Mighty Ducks 5. Hook 6. The Little Princess 7. Baby's Day Out 8. Fly Away Home 9. Jurassic Park 10. The Princess Bride 11. The Secret Garden 12. The Wizard of Oz 13. The Parent Trap 14. Matilda 15. Air Bud 16. Beethoven 17. Home Alone 18. Jingle All The Way 19. Karate Kid 20. Little Rascals 21. Ewoks 22. Free Willy 23. Jumanji 24. Star Wars 25. Three Ninjas 26. Basically anything on the Disney Channel 27. Basically anything with the Olsen twins 28. Little Giants 29. Harriet the Spy

It Takes Two
The Sandlot
The Secret Garden
Little Giants
Three Ninjas
The Parent Trap

What were your childhood favorites? ★