Team Arizona with their plane tickets at LAX | Venice Beach, night before we left to Chile

VBS Day, Sebastian and I | VBS Day, Carlos and I

Emergency Village | Brick Day

Christopher and his family | Playing Scum card game in the girl's room

Brick moving team with Maria, who let us borrow tools | Team Transparent with the mayor of Rancagua

Andes Mountains with AZ girls | Kids at Emergency Village

VBS Day- Alma, Sara & I with kids | Santiago, our last day in Chile

Home, bright days ahead | Shoes

Hoover Dam, random road trip to Vegas this past Sat.-Sun. with my cousins | Hoover Dam

Light show at Bellagio Hotel | Driving down the strip

Look, a double rainbow! | Arizona sunset, driving home from Vegas

Chile photos by Daniel Urrutia, Israel Guevara, Ryan Smart and other Team Transparent members

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