Orange, yellow, red leaves fall with the wind as acorns land on rooftops, the sound like cracks of lightning. Evenings are spent walking our yellow lab past rows of pretty houses with mowed yards and dogs that bark until you disappear. Porches are covered in Halloween decor-- pumpkins, scarecrows and the like. Grass growing down the middle of alleyways lead the way. It's hot chocolate season. The laughter at the fair grounds can be heard from the front porch while I sit bundled under covers at the first sign of cool weather. All the while this playlist keeps me company:

1. Time Is A Runaway- The Alternate Routes 2. Chances- Five For Fighting 3. When You're Ready- Kate Earl 4. Lovesick Mistake- Erin McCarley 5. Cosmic Love- Florence + The Machine 6. Back To Me- The All-American Rejects 7. All This Time- OneRepublic 8. The Mess I Made- Parachute 9. Bloodstream- Stateless 10. We'll Be A Dream- We The Kings 11. In Your Skin- Lifehouse 12. Here We Go- Mat Kearney 13. Run- Leona Lewis 14. Open Arms- Gary Go 15. Secrets- OneRepublic 16. The Ladder- Andrew Belle 17. Beauty of the Dark- Mads Langer 18. Under My Bed- Meiko 19. All We Are- Matt Nathanson 20. Animals- Neon Trees

What's on your playlist?