There are few things more freeing than driving down narrow, windy roads at dusk, the windows rolled down and the humid air blowing through the car. You can hear bugs makings a fuss in the woods. The air is a cool 68 degrees. Roads are consistently branching into more and more roads. You could easily get lost out here. Thankfully, there's a GPS system. I've developed Deckadeeraphobia, the fear of my car hitting a deer at any possible moment. Kidding, but still. There's also the possibility of hitting an armadillo or dog. Move to another city with no open highways and you have me, known to go five over the speed limit, driving under 35 mph. Tomorrow marks two weeks of our arrival in Tennessee.  I'm realizing I love it here. The South really is a beautiful place. A bit strange and unusual at times, but beautiful all the same. β˜…


I can not thank you enough, readers. Your comments on my last post were a wonderful encouragement. You truly are little shooting stars in my world, sending me glimmers of light in all my dark moments. I love you.