Over the past three to four years I have always hosted a Halloween dinner party for my friends. We'd eat endless amounts of yummy food and play games at the house. Sometimes we'd carve pumpkins. Sometimes we'd go to the corn maze. Each year was a different theme. Last year it was something to do with vampires and the prior year was a masquerade. There'd be a playlist and we'd wash the night down with sparkling apple cider. It was tradition.

This year, now that I'm halfway across the country, things are a bit different. For one thing, the town paper has announced all trick-or-treating will occur today, since Sunday conflicts with church. This is the Bible Belt of America, after all. I'm celebrating the day with my nephew, sister-in-law (Tif) and madre. My nephew and I have already carved pumpkins. There's still going to be tons of yummy food-- creme puffs, puppy chow, macaroons and the like. & I'm sure the evening will consist of The Vampire Diaries season one, after watching Ichabod & Mr. Toad (of course). & This year is the first time I get to hand out candy to little kids. At our old house we had a long driveway so no one ever came to our door. We probably had a total of two trick-or-treaters over the span of 20 years. So I'm super excited for this year. ♥

What are your plans for Halloween? Are you dressing up?


Pictures: 1. Last year's Halloween dinner party & decorations. 2. Last year's Halloween dinner party-- with our fangs. 3. My pumpkin. 4. Nephew's pumpkin.