• I'm staying with a friend in Nashville this week.
  • I consumed the most delicious Mint Chocolate Chip shake from Steak n' Shake today.
  • I finally have a job-- doing freelance PR work. P.S. I'm still searching for another job.
  • It's October aka my favorite month. Which also means it's sweater season. Enough said.
  • Beauty and the Beast aka my fav Disney movie was released on DVD today. 
  • Taylor Swift's new album releases later this month + her Speak Now single was released today. 
  • I'm currently undefeated in a Fantasy Football League. My Southern Pixies are 4-0.
  • I'm traveling to Arizona the first weekend of November & get to see Team Transparent.
  • The fair came to town last week. By the way, truck/tractor pulls: not so bad.
  • I finally purchased the hat I've been wanting after weeks and weeks of debating.
  • Have I mentioned it's October?! & I currently reside in one of the most beautiful states. Ever.  ♥
What has you smiling, reader?
P.S. For various reasons, I thought the above Flickr favorites were fall-worthy.