I can remember the first time I heard Taylor Swift on the radio. I was a 16-year-old in my first serious relationship. I was driving in my car on my way to my grandparent’s house. It was nighttime and I had an inkling to listen to country music. That’s when the lyrics “he says the way my blue eyes shine put those Georgia stars to shame that night” first played through my car speakers. And I suppose I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan ever since.

I own every Taylor Swift song there is to own, including her rap with T-Pain titled Thug Story. I swear I can relate to every song she’s ever written and that she had to have used parts of my life as source material. Well, not really. But I think it’s a bit ridiculous that I can even relate to a silly rap with the word thug in the title. As if I weren’t obsessed enough, I own all the sheet music to Fearless and I have Fifteen down nearly perfect on the piano. I’m quite proud, considering a year ago I couldn’t play a single note on my keyboard.

I guess my point is I’m a major Taylor Swift fan, no matter how many songs she writes about the middle Jonas. Despite many thinking her stardom is the result of Kanye’s insults. Despite her not always being the greatest vocalist. Taylor Swift is, regardless, a genius when it comes to writing pretty lyrics. & As someone who also has to have the last word, I actually love the fact that she has the courage to speak her mind no matter how much hate she receives in return. Which is why this Music Monday is dedicated to her newly released album, Speak Now.

Today I drove forty miles, across the Alabama/Tennessee line, to the nearest Target. All this just so I could purchase the Deluxe Edition of her new album. I've concluded that Sparks Fly, Enchanted and Haunted are my new favorites. Oh, and Better than Revenge. And Innocent. & Back to December. & I can definitely relate to the Never Grow Up lyrics at the moment. I'd say the whole album is pretty much terrific. ♥

Q: To Taylor fans, what do you think of the new album? To Taylor haters, instead tell me what musician can you totally relate to?