It feels as if I've had a constant headache for the past week or so. Feeling this way has me uninspired to write at the moment, to be honest. & I feel as if my brain has been complete mush. Pray this doesn't last for the rest of the week? I hope some more pretty pictures & a playlist will suffice. ★

Maybe This Christmas by Ron Sexsmith
Just You and Me by Zee Avi
The Show by Lenka
Open Happiness by Cee-Lo Green
Under the Bridges of Paris by Dean Martin
Each Coming Night by Iron & Wine
Ba Ba by Sigur Ros
Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix) by Au Revoir Simone
Porcelain by Helen Jane Long
Make It Without You by Andrew Belle
Charmed Life by Joy Williams


The song Just You and Me by Zee Avi can be found for free, along with nine other songs courtesy of Kate Spade's Twirl Playlist.