Lately I've been sleeping the mornings away, with Slinky, my dog, curled up next to my knees while my toes desperately clench the end of floral blankets. They always have a knack for slipping out at the end, freezing and resulting in a sore throat. I blame my height. It's too comfy to leave stacks of blankets and pillows, but the clutter is getting to me. So I sit for a few minutes more, eyes closed, contemplating the day. No school or finals, no work-- that's getting to me too. I've temporarily lost focus on the little things that bring me joy: writing, designing, collaging, painting and all creative things. I suppose it's just a mini-break.

I was thinking about my pretty interiors post the other day, and how neat it would be for all the rad, unemployed bloggers to start their own business in an old abandoned brick building in the city. Who knows what sort of business. One that involves extensive writing with a mission to inspire I suppose. Or something like that. It's just a silly daydream. These are the small things that occupy my mind.

I miss company. & I'm somewhat at a loss for how to make friends in this small town. Dogs have become my closest companions. Brother dropped off his dog, Cookie, yesterday while he went to work. She had been severely wounded by his pitbull, so I spent the better part of the day comforting the poor thing. The wound was deep, leaving her coat stained with blood, which soaked through the gauze bandage that mother and I applied to her neck. Her eyes appeared as if she were in shock. But by the end of the day she was wagging her tail and licking my hand. Thankful, I think.

I didn't tell you about Thanksgiving. It was the first year we celebrated with mom's family instead of the padre's. An early lunch was replaced with a late dinner, with more desserts than usual. Though I didn't eat one piece of pie. I didn't realize this until the next day. I was a bit disappointed.

A new year is around the corner. & I'm hopeful that it will be better than 2010. It's not that 2010 was necessarily bad. Just a lot of change and new things. Surreal. A lot of great things happened, despite being drenched in fear for the majority of the year. Magnificent things. Perhaps the greatest things ever. Like making new friends who I consider more family than friends. & Of course all of you. Isn't it funny how Twitter and Blogger has allowed us to be a part of each other's lives-- even if in the smallest of ways? I'm so thankful for that. & I'm thankful for you. ★

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