Over the past three weeks I have seen three incredible movie, all of which should get an Oscar nod.

Black Swan: Beautifully dark. Wildly tragic, crazy and psychotic. At times-- awkward. There were moments that made me cringe. Any scene featuring nail picking, scratching or scissors made me turn my head and look away. I was convinced not doing so would make me feel pain. The special effects were incredible, especially when Natalie Portman transforms into the black swan. It's not a film I want to watch over and over, but Portman's performance was definitely Oscar-worthy.

True Grit: I knew this movie was going to be incredible because, 1. I’d seen the original and loved it & 2. Let’s face it, the Coen Brothers can do no wrong. Fourteen-year-old Hailee Steinfeld was fantastic. As for Jeff Bridges, I can’t imagine any modern day actor bringing more justice to the character of Rooster Cogburn. I’m already predicting him to win the Oscar for best actor. Now is the movie better than the original? Well, no one can compare to the Duke. I mean, John Wayne was my childhood hero. But I believe even he would be proud of Bridges’ portrayal of Mr. Cogburn.

The Fighter: I’ll start by saying I usually loathe Christian Bale. Perhaps the only movie I’ve ever semi-liked him in was 3:10 to Yuma. Even then, I preferred Russel Crowe. In every movie where he’s the star there always seems to be another actor who’s better. Public Enemies: Johnny Depp. Batman: Heath Ledger. Terminator: Sam Worthington. So naturally, I thought Mark Wahlberg was going to steal the show and I’d leave thinking more of him than just his abs. Nope. His performance was good, but Christian Bale made this movie. & I doubt you’ll catch me saying, “He’s not that great of an actor.” He’s freakin’ brilliant. Other notes: 1. Liked Amy Adams character, disliked Amy Adams. 2. The people who were not punched in this movie are the one’s who deserved it. Exhibit A: The mother. Exhibit B: The sisters. and 3. Why isn’t there a soundtrack for this movie?! ★