"Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room,
Memorize what it sounded like when your dad came home,
Remember the footsteps, remember the words said."

*Some of these moments are from when I was a little girl. Some a teenager. Some in the last year. These are but a few examples of the happy memories I have with these two. At 11 o'clock on a work night, I can't help but feel home sick.

Bonding over television shows-- The year dad & I were both Team Adam Lambert.
& we both think Seth Cohen is the best TV character.
Watching X Games. Travis Pastrana is our favorite.
Antique shopping with mom, who can make anything beautiful. She should have been an interior designer.
Dad is a genius. Perfectionist. Can create anything. Ask anyone who saw my childhood house--
which he built entirely. It was magnificent. Perfect. Flawless.
Mom & I singing along together to Sugarland in the car as I got older.
As a little girl it was Bruce Springsteen.
Escaping to their bedroom after a scary dream.
Shopping at Mervyns. Always hunting for great deals.
Lunches with Marianne. Always wanting to stop in Sees.

Always begging mom to watch a chick flick. Never having to beg dad.
Jumping on the trampoline with daddy and Clint.
Making rollercoaster videos on the Mac at Easter.
Going to work with daddy- a truck driver- with Barbies packed. 
A special trip was made to purchase powdered donuts and chocolate milk.
Dad scaring Clint and I at nighttime when we had bunk beds.
He'd quietly walk up the stars. Our fear was followed by instant giggles.
Roadtrips every summer to Tennessee.
Playing in the creek, discovering, catching lightning bugs to save in a jar.
Banana splits at the square. Jumping off the waterfall.

Going out to Olive Garden for lunch.
& The casino for all-you-can-eat crab dinners with grandma and grandpa.
Going to the movies, dad trying to embarrass me by turning to mom and saying,
“You want to make out.”
Watching my parents act like silly teenagers in love.
Trips to Disneyland and Six Flags.
No trip could top the summer spent in Oregon, running with our family dog along the beach-
all while wearing my turquoise Nala sweatshirt, arm stretched out like a bird.
Mom always being there when I cried myself to sleep.
Dad always making me laugh.

“I was hiding in your car because I love.” Oh, you’d have to be there. Note: UP! inside joke.
Decorating the Christmas tree together every year. Watching Home Alone & A Christmas Story
Making turtle cookies, and a gingerbread house.
Every year the tradition of going to Supercross.
Lord of the Rings marathon on the weekend, as well as Harry Potter.
Every small moment, every big moment. Something as simple as driving in the car.
Fourth of Julys at the cabin. His Donald Duck voice.
Riding four wheelers and dad always the dare devil.

I remember cuddling up with mommy before bedtime to watch Disney classics, like Bongo,
The Reluctant Dragon and Morris the Midget Moose.
We often watched Cinderella too.
Fighting over who gets to read the new Harry Potter first.
Arguing over who’s cheating in Monopoly.
Card games with dad, and him always winning.
Conversations about God with mommy.
Watching her cry when she lost her mom.
Always staying strong.
Tangos in the kitchen.

Watching home videos together. Sometimes, I wish I was three again.
Daddy making breakfast in the mornings, and always being up early.
Coffee trips to Circle K before school started in the mornings.
Mom taking care of me when I stayed home sick from school,
like the day we watched the Aristocats together when it came out on VHS.
All the moments I complained I was bored, but now wishing I had nothing to do but sit with the parents.
Doing nothing. No fear. No stress. Just a little girl, with endless love from her parents.

Mom and dad, you have no idea how much I miss you.
I love you.
& I can't wait to see you.