Crazy trees and the coolest cemetery ever (middle)

Relaxing at the acai stand, riding the bus, purchasing Havainanas at the airport

The view from the top of the bank tower

Pretty cathedrals and movie ads in Portugese

The pizzeria, free hugs, singing along to music

Before the 14 hour flight, Paulista Avenue, Arizona group photo at ZoeFest

(top) The best coffee in the world; (below) dogs at the marketplace (I wanted to save a Brazilian puppy!), delicious fruit

It seems I never write lengthy posts anymore. Always too busy.
I miss my blog. I miss the inspiration. So I promise you, I promise myself to be better.

Brazil was a good trip. Some frustrations at first, but many wonderful things. Giving free hugs (otherwise known as 'abracos' in Portugese) in the park and on Paulista Avenue. On the last Saturday, a group of us held signs on the side of the road, receiving air hugs, honks, waves and thumbs up from those driving in the crazy traffic through the rain. A whole bus even pulled over for us to give the driver a hug. Singing music together the first Saturday-- I'm Yours, Wonderwall, Skinny Love were just a few. Devouring delicious food- tapioca filled with coconut and caramel, meat at the churrascaria, the best pizza I've ever consumed, acai with kiwi and granola, and pizza pastels. Conquering crazy traffic-- riding the bus or Metro was always an adventure. Always snapping pictures of the raddest tropical trees. & Meeting new lovely Brazilian friends-- One night four of us went to a family-owned pizzeria with four Brazilian friends. Chocolate, coconut pizza was consumed. Hundreds of laughs were shared. American lingo was taught-- legit, epic, etc. & The night ended walking beneath umbrellas in the pouring rain. ♥