This music video featuring Barton Hallow by The Civil Wars was filmed at Mt. Zion Church, a charming white building perched on stones, nestled in the middle of nowhere on a little hill. On one side is the wide sparkling creek that runs beside a wide open field. & on the opposite end is a graveyard with endless trees all around. Three miles down the dusty road, my parents are building a white country home on 20 acres of land. & Oh how this video stirs up a ton of memories. The photo shoot where I roamed in the creek while wearing a ball gown. The swinging bridge that my made my little nephew terrified the first time he walked across. Splashing our feet in the water. Sitting in the shade of the trees. Walking through the graveyard, reading tombstones in the fall air. Oh how I wish I could be walking in the creek in Tennessee with mom and dad. Instead I’m here-- escaping the 110 degree desert heat, playing this song on instant repeat. Oh. My. ♥.

More of my Mt. Zion photos:

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