A post featuring some photo finds. Neutral colors, feminine accessories and bows. A love for print: reading, writing & the like. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Cute wittle puppies. Yes, wittle. *add baby voice* Tattoos with pretty words and typography. Girly, victorian interiors. Old brick buildings. Foreign lands. Moleskines. All the above: LOVE.

You know how women who want a baby seem to constantly see babies everywhere? Well that's me at the moment-- only instead of babies, it's dogs. This is the first year where I've never had a dog. & My goodness, do I miss mine. I miss her prancing across the room, her toes clicking the floorboards. I miss her crawling on my lap to give me kisses on the cheek. I miss her loving me, unconditionally. Sigh, wanting a dog. So. Flippin. Bad.