So I know it's Monday, but let's pretend I posted this on Saturday. Sound good? Good.

1. Do not apologize for listening to the voice telling you what is right. Gut feelings are good.
2. A true friend is one who loves you in spite of yourself and your flaws.
3. It’s okay to be bitter temporarily, but never stop striving to be the better person.
4. Genuineness is rare-- goal: be full of this.
5. I hate routines. Self, be more adventurous.
6. Tomorrow was yesterday's today. Do things NOW. Time is precious.
7. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Stand up for yourself.
8. Puppy kisses erase all unhappiness. On an equal note, living without a dog means living with a little less love in your life.

// What are you learning this week?