Last month was too warm. And Arizona was without a proper October. So I found myself wishing I was in Tennessee. Either bundled in a scarf and sweater in the park letting the leaves crumble beneath my feet, or walking my little dog down First Street with decorated pumpkins lighting the way.

This Halloween I drove below a stormy night sky to a small town outside the city. There I carved pumpkins with my nephew and Tiffany. We watched Ichabod & Mr. Toad while reminiscing about last year's adventures. How magical it all was. In a little over two weeks I'll be back in Tennessee, visiting mom and dad. They're working hard to have their new house ready for my visit. & I couldn't be more eager to see them. Eleven months is a long time to be separated from friends.

I think November will be better. Already full of rain and cold air that seeps through the windows and balcony door. Vanilla caramel truffle tea warms my mornings.

Brother is in town this weekend, and he'll be reunited with his son after a six month absence. They'll be staying with me, in the apartment that I'll be renewing at the end of the month. I had worried about my decision to stay here, with Ryan not renewing the lease with me. But I'm thankful this will be home for another short time. Too much change is just too much. ★

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