I’m an impatient person. I don’t like waiting. So I do everything as fast as possible-- walking, speaking, working and general every day tasks and activities. So it seems for the past few years I’ve been living my life rushing through the day- just ready to get to the next. Somehow I assumed I’d get better and would be a better person. & I gave up on the things that don’t just change over night. Like taking the time to expand my talents. Or the time to deal with my past. Or my attitude toward Christ. The past few years have been full of small doses of “tries” and failed attempts. This led to disappointments and beggar prayers asking God to somehow make me try harder. To not give up. Yet I didn’t want to put in the time. I wanted overnight results. I wanted my life to be in order now. And if I failed at making that happen, there was always tomorrow. To try again. To give up. Repeat. I became indifferent. And I stopped being the person I know I can be- the person I’m meant to be.

Simply put, I stopped living my life with purpose and passion. And a few weeks before 2012 arrived, I knew I was done with the crap-- for lack of a better word. This new year, as cliche as it is, was the time for a fresh start. Things had to change. Things have to change. And that’s why this is the year of baby steps. This is the year of discipling myself and remaining focused. This is the year of listening to God and reading His Word. This is the year of waking up each day with purpose, training myself to have an attitude of one who’s walking with God. To not waste one day. To be aware of my words and actions, and the effect they have on people and myself. To put people before myself. To live out true love- slow to anger, causing no harm to others, not boasting, trusting, protecting, hoping. This is the year of doing, getting healthy, peace, strength, honor, love, hope, respect, discipline, obedience and perseverance. Cheers.

And 2012 is about being honestly open on The Owl Diary. Hold me accountable, mmk?