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the beauty of people

I discovered Fifty People, One Question about a year ago and fell in love. It is a beautiful film project that was created by Benjamin Reece of Deltree and Nathan Heleine of Crush + Lovely in 2008. Every time I watch these videos I have the desire to travel and capture the beauty of people on film. I honestly can't imagine a more exciting career.

The series inspired me to do my own little video while traveling abroad in London. It was my first attempt at videography and while the lighting is awful, and the sound terrible (not to mention, I was without a tripod), I was quite pleased for it being my first video. Although, I hate the random text my professors recommended me adding for a better grade on the assignment, since it was difficult to hear at some parts. I couldn't get it to look just the way I wanted. I walked around St. James Park near Buckingham Palace, asking random strangers one question: Who or what is God? Simple. & also a suitable question, since our assignment was to report on religion and conflict. Here is my video:

I also recommend checking out one of my new favorite projects, Pictory, which is "a showcase for people around the world to document their lives and cultures." Please do take the time to watch one or two of the videos. I promise, promise you won't regret it. β˜…

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