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"Dancing like Justin Bieber ohhh... Cause we've got Bieber fever ohhh yeah." This 13-second song has been in my head for the past two days. In fact, it seems like every 13 seconds I burst out into song, scaring both my parents and my dog. Well maybe not quite, but I do receive concerned stares whenever I try to mimic the dance moves featured in the above video. I can't help it. It's catchy. And I even tried to make it my ringtone. I failed miserably, just so you know.

Now before you start thinking I'm some crazy Bieber fan that contributes to "Justin Bieber" as a trending topic on Twitter {side note: Can someone explain to me why this boy trends every day?}, l want to clarify that I do not have some crazy obsession with Mr. Bieber. Instead I am obsessed with the charming Charlie McDonnell. I'd seen a video of his a few months back on A Natalie Moment, but didn't realize how truly rad Charlie is until Natalie's most recent blogpost. {Thank you, Natalie!}

For those who don't know, Charlie is a quirky teen and video-blogger from England. Known as charlieissocoollike, he is the second most subscribed YouTuber in the United Kingdom. He's also in a band called Chameleon Circuit that plays songs about Doctor Who. He's colored himself purple. He loves his mum. He plays the ukulele. And in short, he's like... cool. β˜…