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A girl's best friend

Aren't these puppies the cutest? Little dogs make my soul smile. This week I've been house-sitting for a friend, which means I've been hanging out with the two sweetest dogs on the planet. Both are Golden Retrievers, Dolly and Daisy. All they want to do is cuddle with you all day long and I seriously love them as much as I do my own dogs at home. One can not live without attention and is lying in bed with me as I type this, her chin resting on my leg.

When I live on my own I've decided I need three guard dogs. At least. They can hear things that we as humans simply can not. And they truly are the best alarm system. This week I've been woken up to barking before it was even light outside. And all times, knock on wood, it has been nothing. But they are good girls. And I appreciate them looking out for me. I can't imagine staying somewhere, alone, without another person or a dog. I think I'd freak and make up noises in my head, convincing myself that I must have heard something. I've said many times I want to live on my own. When I say this, I mean alone as in the only human being. Dogs, and the larger the better, are a must. But, if this week has taught me anything it's to own dogs who do not shed much hair. I'm not one for having to vacuum every day.



Do "all dogs go to heaven?"

Suzy, I miss you...

It's Friday evening. And here I sit, snuggled in the corner of our white couch. The TV is much too loud. So loud, that I'm surprised my mother hasn't texted me complaining. I'm watching He's Just Not That Into You, or rather listening. I'm annoyed by a cricket that seems to be in a battle with the television for who can be the loudest. The cricket is nearly winning. And while I would like to relax, I have an endless list of things I need to complete. And yet, I've decided to write a blog entry instead of completing my list at the moment. Don't worry, I'll get to my to-do's after. This week has been exhausting. So I think I deserve ten minutes to type out my thoughts.

My parents road tripped to Yellowstone this week, leaving the house all to my friend Gwenie and I. And up until yesterday, it was quite nice. Thursdays I have no class and, so, I decided to sleep in. Only to discover hours later that my dog, Suzy, was dead. The horrible part? I had seen her hours earlier through the back door and simply thought she was sleeping. Once I realized she wasn't breathing, I went into shock and immediately called my mom while crying and yelling, "Suzy is dead." I had just seen my beautiful Border Collie the night before. She had water. She had food. She was fine- her usual, happy self. And my last memory of that night is happy, playful Suzy simply wanting to be loved and petted, tail wagging a hundred miles a minute, as usual. But I, in a hurry to make it to my State Press Magazine meeting, wouldn't pet her because her obsession with splashing water meant she was soaked and would get my jeans muddy. Instead, I fed her and filled her water dish and dashed out the door. That was it. And now poor, innocent Suzy is gone. We had her for nine years. And she was always the most loving of our dogs. She only ever wanted to jump on you and give you kisses.

We don't know what happened. But after talking to the vet, we believe she had a heart attack and died in her sleep. She was the best dog in the world and I would like to think she is in heaven, with our other dogs that have passed. Her, Fancy, Misty and Xena are probably having a blast and enjoying their time together- & have an endless supply of doggie bones. At least that is what I would like to believe: that all dogs go to heaven, just like that cartoon movie. I just can't believe she is gone. And I'm still in shock. Suzy, I love you. And I'm sorry I didn't pet you more, even if you would have gotten me all muddy. I'm so sorry.

Above: The above picture isn't the best, but it's the only one of Suzy I have on my computer at the moment.