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1. I love the open Arizona sky with it's different shades of orange, yellow, blue and purple. But I want to live in Tennessee, on a long dirt road. A road where grass grows up the middle and I can walk amongst the trees and breathe the country air. A road where flowers are scattered about and where birds sing endlessly. A road that makes me feel like Sleeping Beauty-- the scene where she is walking through the forest with the owl and squirrels. But I'll hold off on a dancing prince.

2. I often find myself shrugging off hurtful comments in front of friends, only to feel sad about it later. This also makes me feel pathetic. But I'm human, so no matter.

3. I want my house to be like Shop Girl's-- aka Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail. Although I don't want tissues covering everything {I just love the scene when Meg is sick and Tom Hanks brings her daisies}. But I love the shabby chicness. Also, I agree with Meg-- daisies are certainly the friendliest flower.

4. I highly respect the wise. My favorite is cute old men who are tougher than nails. The ones who get how life works, whose wrinkles tell a story and whose hands are models of their hardwork over the years. I love visiting the town where my mother was born. On the square there is an icecream shop that has been there since the 1800s. It has such character- old bar stools and all. And the men still sit around a table in the middle of the store while sipping on their 10 cent coffee.

5. I highly respect our soldiers-- I think our country's heroes are the bravest of brave.

6. I believe that certain books touch our souls. I also like relating myself to the main heroines-- I'd like to think I have some of their characteristics. The same holds true for TV characters. I'll see or read about characters who are completely different, but somehow love each and every one. Daisy Buchanan, Anne Shirley, Madison Finn, Eloise, Rory and Lorelei Gilmore, Haley James, Kathleen Kelly. The list is endless.

7. Some things I dislike about men: creepiness and clingyness, among other things.

8. I won a city writing contest in third grade for an essay I wrote about my dad. To this day it is one of my proudest accomplishments. The prize? A spaghetti dinner with my parents.

9. I have my own set of Bushisms-- I make words up all the time. You're not alone, George.

10. I think it would be amazing if life had it's own soundtrack. There are so many times when I'll say something and it'll remind me of the lyrics from a song. I wish at that moment the song would start blaring out of thin air.

11. I am fearful of the next time my stomach will hurt. I truly hate the pain and want it to go away forever.

12. I often see people and wonder what it would be like living in their body with
their mind. We have all these thoughts we keep to ourselves, all these feelings inside us that no one ever gets to know or hear about. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to escape to someone else's head for a day.

13. When I was younger, I liked to pretend that I was Harriet the Spy for quite some time. I was in love with her old typewriter as well. I would go on walks with my brother and neighbors and write down everything. Then I would come home to my typewriter and compose my own newspaper.

14. I don't think anyone will ever understand how I feel about age 13 through age 18. And I know my friends don't understand how much it has changed me. I used to be so different. Then I grew up. And I think I left part of my heart in my childhood years. I'm still waiting for it to come back.

15. I used to want to call my daughter Charlie. Then I saw that strange unicorn video about Candy Mountain.

16. I wish I could photograph every beautiful moment- no matter how happy or sad.

17. Without God I don't know who I would be. But, in fact, I wouldn't be. If there was no God, I would not have been created. I often feel sad for those who don't know there is God to turn to. I can't imagine how lonely that would feel.

18. When I was a child I wanted to be an archeologist. I still think it would be grand to discover ancient ruins, tombs and artifacts. As a young teen, I wanted to be a professional freestyle motocross rider. That dream didn't last.

19. I wish I were an organized individual. Sadly, I am a mess. Tornadoes often hit my bathroom, closet, bedroom and car.

20. My happiest memory involves my brother and I at Big Surf when I was about 5 years old. There was a large sand pit with several hoses. For hours, we built sand castles and our own river-- with bends and curves that covered a large sum of the pit.

21. I can not cook. I am a Lorelei Gilmore and a Kirsten Cohen {see #6} when it comes to that. If it takes longer than two minutes to prepare {minus oven time}, I will not bother. Baking is a different story.

22. Ever since I was a young girl and would go to tire shops from time to time with my father, I have loved the smell of new tires.

23. Things I want to learn more about: sewing, knitting, videography, photography, graphic design, web design, fashion, art.

24. When I was younger I spent hours devoted to my hair. I constantly fought with my curly locks and my mood was dependent on if I felt comfortable with the way my hair looked-- ridiculous, I know. Today I spend roughly five to ten minutes on my hair. I now constantly receive compliments on my hair. It's silly because I'm still not content with the way it looks.

25. I am currently craving Hershey chocolate toffee nuggets. Oh so good. I have the biggest sweet tooth.