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Creations of an Insomniac

I can't seem to fall asleep, so I created these little collages on Polyvore. β˜…

The first is inspired by Marie Antoinette, dreaming about cuddling up on the couch while eating cake and being surrounded by pretty pastels. All while falling in love with Noah Calhoun or Tom Hansen (for about the millionth time), both of who- let me just say- I partially blame for my high expectations of men.

Eating Oreos and pizza while watching Just Friends? Sounds pretty darn good to me.

A glorious bubble bath followed by snacking on Starbucks ice cream (side note: yes, all these collages include unnecessary junk food) while watching Bridget Jones's Diary sounds like a perfect winter evening. If I do say so myself.

1. Marie Antoinette 2. The Grinch 3. Eloise