// spoilers ahead //


People are always treating me like an idiot when I express how much I love snow. Da**it, if Lorelai Gilmore can be a fan, then so can I.

Alexis Bledel is really awkward.

Rory's boyfriend Paul forgot the tea he ordered. Sheesh, he's just as forgetful as she is.

We miss you, Richard / Edward Herrmann.


I should really go to therapy.

How is Rory constantly traveling to London when she has no full-time job?

I feel better about myself knowing that I overly prepare for interviews while Rory Gilmore just expects everything to be handed to her.


Dear God, I hope now that I'm living with my parents and will soon be unemployed that I don't become a member of the 30-something gang.

If all else fails, maybe I can join the local paper in the small town near my parents?

Team Jess 100 percent forever and ever, amen.

"I'm not unbreakable" somehow made the rest of that stupid musical worth it.


The thought crossed my mind multiple times to do Wild last year. That totally makes Lorelai my spirit animal, right?

Hello, more cast members of Parenthood. 

That Life and Death Brigade sequence was ridiculous. However, I dig those costumes.

Lorelai's speech about her dad = all the ugly tears.

Wait, I lied. More ugly tears during Luke's speech.

That wedding is literally everything I haver ever dreamed my wedding could be one day.

But can we talk about Scott Patterson's horrible toupee in that last scene?

Oh my heart, Emily at the Whaling Museum. Her character development was top notch.

That ending. Full freakin' circle.