There’s so much to be thankful for. Like when you go to staff meeting and flashing lights go off and the CFO walks on stage with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist and tells the CEO he has some Christmas things to approve. And then an announcement is made that we’re all going to load onto buses and go on a shopping spree because, oh yeah, all employees get $1,000 cash.


Or how about when you get money to go to an expensive Christmas dinner with friends and then show up to the fanciest after party where you get laugh with people you love and why not enjoy an Old Fashioned while you’re at it. And how earlier in the day you finally got your haircut and the hairdresser is lovely and then you get your makeup done because you deserve to feel glam every once in a while.

Or how about a quiet Sunday lounging in your apartment that looks like winter wonderland while wearing pajamas and your teddy bear slippers while your dog is nestled in a velvet blanket at your feet. And realizing that it’s only four days until you pick up your nephew at the airport and the next week is going to be full of slowing down and taking a break and enjoying the end of the Christmas season.