Mom and I met Rachel Ashwell at the Country Living Fair in Nashville. And all I can say is it was an absolute delight.

Home decor is one of my first loves. Growing up, mom was always decorating—and redecorating and moving around furniture and mixing antiques into every space and rewiring old chandeliers and making chippy furniture and taking inspiration from home magazines while putting her own spin and style on everything (which she still does and is incredibly talented btw).

Naturally that meant growing up contained lots of shopping adventures in search for decor for our home—and always on a bargain. We went to yard sales and thrift stores and antique shops and boutiques and the home section of department stores like Mervyns and Dillard’s.

& I can remember being a little girl in love with all things shabby chic. Mom had her own style, but mine was always inspired from Rachel Ashwell’s designs, starting with her Treasures line at Mervyn’s. & Mom made sure my room was always girly and feminine and yes, shabby chic. 

I was thinking about all this today. How home decor has always been a constant love and favorite of mine. & How I craved one day being able to have my own place to decorate. Now I’ve been in Tennessee for a year, the first time fully on my own, with an apartment that I’m free to decorate how I want. And yep, its mainly inspired by shabby chic. I have plenty of pieces from Rachel Ashwell’s Target collection—mixed in with pieces simply inspired by her style. Ruffles and velvets and florals and white textures and all the feminine girly things.

Anyway, today I realized just how much Rachel Ashwell has impacted my life. She was talking today about how even in the rough times in her life, her home has brought her so much joy. & I think that’s why home decor is such a love for me. I come home to my apartment and no matter what kind of day it is, my home brings me joy. & I can’t fully explain how much that’s been impacted by Ms. Ashwell's decor style, but it has. In a big way. & I’m thankful. It was a treat to talk to her today. & it was special because I was with mom. She was lovely + kind and for a few minutes, we got to share the impact she’s had on our story.