I’m sitting on the balcony. It’s the first day of spring. The sky is blue. The sun is going down. And it’s almost 7! Zula can’t decide if she wants to stay inside or out, and walks up to the edge of the balcony every time a dog walks by with its humans. They look up at her and smile. Country music is playing through my airpods. & I’m happy. I am so happy.

This year is promising.

There was something about getting a tattoo at the beginning of the year that set the tone for 2019. It’s the year to go for it. To do the things I want to do. To enjoy life and be in the present.

The adventure I’m looking forward to the most is my 30th birthday trip. Mom and I are going to Boston and New York City. I’ve never been to Boston, and mom has never been to either city. My cousin is going to meet us there. & I’m really excited about the entire trip.

I’m hoping the 30’s bring a new me. A version that puts up with less bullshit. Who isn’t afraid of her emotions, but quickly dusts herself off. A woman who is confident with who she is and trusts that God will continue to take care of her.

I’ve put dating on hold and I’m just thankful for a season of being single. As I sit in the crisp air, I can only be hopeful about this year and all that it holds. Here’s a few things I’m hoping for:

  • Summer nights at the pool and jumping in lakes

  • Bachelorette and wine nights with my friend in the Fall

  • Going to the fair because I didn’t last year

  • Swinging below my parents tree in the spring and watching lightning bugs

  • Going on a road trip to the beach or the mountains or really anywhere

  • Listening to country music with the windows down and getting lost on backroads

  • Going on walks in the evening and eating healthy

  • Going to the lake with my brother and fishing and riding his boat

  • Summer days with my nephew

  • Embracing the spring and summer months