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Feeding my soul

I am optimistic about this year. I've been in a waiting period—about whether I'll get the job in Phoenix or if I should commit to Tennessee. It's been six-going-on-seven weeks since my last interview with the company in Arizona. And while I've followed up several times, there's been nothing but silence. My cousin-in-law who works at the company says he isn't surprised by their slow pace. Anyway, in this time of waiting, I've been in Tennessee. For about four or five months, I've felt a calling to be here. However, I've questioned myself because I want to be where I'm meant to be—not just where I want to be.

Since I've been in Tennessee, I feel more affirmation of this "calling." Little by little, I'm getting my passion for life back. I have projects to work toward. Projects that excite me. Like the possibility of owning my own antique store one day—even if it's not the one I posted about a few weeks ago. Or dreaming of things mom, dad, and I could do together—like flipping houses. & Brainstorming ways mom and dad could earn extra income by selling things online, and thinking about branding, web design, and product creation. & Thinking about my own branding while I freelance and continue to job hunt. 

And in between all that, I've been planning some smaller projects for my parent's place. On the list: creating a fire pit in the front yard, transforming the old smoke house in the backyard into a "she shed", and planting a garden. The rest of the time is feeding my soul with snapping photos, spending time in the Word, daily walking with the "girls" (dogs, Cinnamon and Pepper), helping mom and dad around the house, sitting on the front porch swing with a cup of coffee (best when it's rainy, snowy, or foggy), hiking in Crockett Park and thrift shopping on mom's days off work, reading (current: Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham), coloring, and journaling.


Just... Go for it?


Just... Go for it?

Hello, my name is Kristyna and I think I've lost my mind. 

Yesterday my mom and I traveled to St. Joseph, Tennessee. Population: Less than 800. We stopped at the antique store owned by my aunt's cousin. When we walked in there was a sign in the front of the store that said the place was for sale. The owner told us how he wanted to sell the place within a few years to someone who wanted to keep it as an antique store, and he would move to Mexico after his granddaughter graduated high school.

As we started to pay for our things, my mom expressed how awesome the place would be to own. The owner said the place didn't cost as much as one might think.

He told us the cost. Multiple store fronts and five rooms, plus all the antiques? The place seemed surprisingly cheap. My mom turned to me and said, "Well that's something to think about..." And turning to the owner, "Not for me, for her."

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Looking Back on 2016

This was the year of—

small road trips

Like when my Uncle visited from Tennessee and he, my aunt, cousins, and I went to the Grand Canyon. After 27 years in Arizona, I finally made it. Then sometime in summer, there was a day trip to Eager, AZ with my grandparents. The road from Show Low to Eager was nothing but open fields of grass and rolling hills. I didn't know that dreamy places like that existed in Arizona. Then in fall, my cousin and I drove to Salt Lake City + Park City, Utah. We made stop at three places I'd never been: Arches National Park, Zion National Park, and Monument Valley. I think 2016 was the year of appreciating the desert and the beauty that can be found there.

Dysfunctional work life

It started earlier in the year with my boss being let go in January. A book could be written about my work life at 2016, but I'll refrain. I watched half a dozen people leave the company this year. Some of them were close friends. The majority of them, great employees and, in my opinion, big losses for the company.


Ellie Goulding and The Lumineers and Coldplay. Three fantastic concerts that I attended with my bestie. 

Politics and the rise of a lunatic

No more needs to be said.

More time than usual spent in Tennessee

There was a trip in May. Then another in October when I had to travel to Nashville for work. Lucky for me, it was around the same time the Middle Tennessee State Fair was happening. So two days consisted of fried food + fair rides + tractor pulls + motocross racing + hanging with friends and family. The last trip was in December, staying at my parents and filling the time with relaxing, holiday activities, and working as a consultant.

The first family vacation since I was 13

The trip to Tybee Island with my parents, brother and sister-in-law was the highlight of my year. We stayed 5.5 days on the island at a charming mermaid cottage. We were a short 0.4 miles from the beach and it was everything a summer vacation in the south should be.

Quitting my job

Quitting my job was something I knew I needed to do. No, I don't entirely know why. But I wholeheartedly believe that, in time, the reason(s) will reveal themselves. & I'm excited to see it all happen in 2017.


It was also the year where I gave up my true love—coffee—in the summer because I kept having stomach spells. (I started drinking it again in December.) It was the year where I freelanced and built a few WordPress websites. It was the year where I found a new appreciation for older movies and watched lotsa Cary Grant, James Stewart, Katherine Hepburn, and James Dean. & It was the year I did Whole30 three times, only to go downhill toward the end of the year. (Goal for new year: Get in shape.)

Cheers to the new year, ya'll!