Maybe it's okay…

Somehow everything has changed in just a few days. Everything feels heavy. The thing is, I made a dumb decision. And then briefly lost my mind. We’re talking one night I wanted to set things on fire. (But that’ll have to wait until I go to my parents this weekend and literally burn two pieces of furniture. P.S. Don’t ask.) Then last night I just started boxing. (Lemme tell you, my arms are sore.)

Anyway, here I was. Completely happy this past weekend. And stupidity ensued.

But then…

I heard about things that are going on with several friends. Friends who I love. Friends who are dealing with the heaviest of heavy. And it makes me stop. It makes me look at all that I have. It reminds me that I have a God who cares for me. And cares for these other wonderful human beings who have so much that is hurting them. And gosh, it sucks.

I know they’re feeling that type of pain that just takes over your entire body. Where it’s hard to breathe and your chest hurts and you don’t know if you'll fall asleep and you’re scared and you just wonder if it’s always going to feel this way. Where it feels like literally nothing could make you feel better. That you’re just alone. In darkness.

Doesn’t that break your heart?

Every time I turn on the radio lately, I start to hear Maybe It’s Okay by We Are Messengers. & I feel like God has been trying to talk to me through that song. And I keep thinking to myself, no God, really, I’m okay. But then I started paying more attention to the words outside of the chorus.

If I didn't know what it hurt like to be broken
Then how would I know what it feels like to be whole.

. . .

If I didn't know what it cuts like to be rejected
Then I wouldn't know the joy of coming home.

. . .

And if all of my shame hadn't drove me to hide in the shadows
Then I wouldn't know the beauty of being free.

. . .

Maybe it's all right if I'm not all right
'Cause the One who holds the stars is holding my whole life.

God, I get it.

I hate. Hate! That my friends are going through shit. That we all have shit. But I am in awe that there’s a God who’s always there. In those times where it’s hard to breathe and I find myself apologizing and asking Him to just please take care of me. It’s then that suddenly the sobs start to soften and I’m overcome with peace. And hope. And love. Because He has me. And there’s the reminder that there’s always purpose. And from every bad feeling or experience or just plain shitty day or being treated shitty, He can turn it around. He can make something good. He can create good in you. He can create good in me.

And I just pray for my friends, for me, for you that we embrace the beauty of being free. He’s got us.



A New Season

I’m sitting on the balcony. It’s the first day of spring. The sky is blue. The sun is going down. And it’s almost 7! Zula can’t decide if she wants to stay inside or out, and walks up to the edge of the balcony every time a dog walks by with its humans. They look up at her and smile. Country music is playing through my airpods. & I’m happy. I am so happy.

This year is promising.

There was something about getting a tattoo at the beginning of the year that set the tone for 2019. It’s the year to go for it. To do the things I want to do. To enjoy life and be in the present.

The adventure I’m looking forward to the most is my 30th birthday trip. Mom and I are going to Boston and New York City. I’ve never been to Boston, and mom has never been to either city. My cousin is going to meet us there. & I’m really excited about the entire trip.

I’m hoping the 30’s bring a new me. A version that puts up with less bullshit. Who isn’t afraid of her emotions, but quickly dusts herself off. A woman who is confident with who she is and trusts that God will continue to take care of her.

I’ve put dating on hold and I’m just thankful for a season of being single. As I sit in the crisp air, I can only be hopeful about this year and all that it holds. Here’s a few things I’m hoping for:

  • Summer nights at the pool and jumping in lakes

  • Bachelorette and wine nights with my friend in the Fall

  • Going to the fair because I didn’t last year

  • Swinging below my parents tree in the spring and watching lightning bugs

  • Going on a road trip to the beach or the mountains or really anywhere

  • Listening to country music with the windows down and getting lost on backroads

  • Going on walks in the evening and eating healthy

  • Going to the lake with my brother and fishing and riding his boat

  • Summer days with my nephew

  • Embracing the spring and summer months





I’m just hoping the rumors and buzz about TS7 (aka Taylor Swift’s seventh album) are true. Forget about the Jonas Brothers making a comeback (but really let’s not forget about that because in college I was kinda obsessed and had front row seats at their concert with my best friend and made eye contact with Joe Jonas, even though that wasn’t as big of a deal because everyone knows Nick is the best, and anyway…)

I just felt like posting about T Swift. I love the latest Elle cover. And I’m hoping whatever album is next is as dreamy as this photoshoot appears to be.

If you don’t know, I love Taylor Swift. I think she is genuine and human and a genius when it comes to song lyrics. I can remember the first time I heard Tim McGraw play on the radio. I was in my car, on my way to my grandparents, at nighttime, and I was driving down the hill by Red Mountain Park in Mesa, Arizona. And I’ve been a fan ever since.

If I had to listen to one artist for the rest of my life, it would easily be Taylor. I can play her music on the toughest days and I’m instantly happy. To me, listening to her music is never a bad idea. And her music has sparked many a solo dance party and lip sync session in my apartment.

Her music has also been the soundtrack of many good times and bad times in the relationships I’ve had over the past decade—starting with my first heartbreak where Should’ve Said No became my anthem. When you’re 16, belting these song lyrics in your car after being cheated on is healing. Okay? Okay.

“You should've said no, you should've gone home. You should've thought twice before you let it all go. You should've know that word, bout what you did with her would get back to me. And I should've been there, in the back of your mind. I shouldn't be asking myself why. You shouldn't be begging for forgiveness at my feet. You should've said no, baby and you might still have me.”

Here are the other lovely songs that have meant a great deal to me over the years:

Taylor Swift
Tim McGraw
A Place in this World

You Belong With Me
You’re Not Sorry
The Best Day

Speak Now

All Too Well
I Almost Do
The Last Time

Blank Space
All You Had to Do Was Stay
Bad Blood
Shake It Off

I Did Something Bad
Don’t Blame Me
Look What You Made Me Do

Better Man (written by Taylor Swift; sung by Little Big Town)