One day I will

She saw this dream laid out before her. It would be the beginning of a new chapter and the sort of life she'd been craving. By Fall, she'd be moving forward and moving away. But then the news that it wouldn't be happening. And all that planning and dreaming and wishing and "being sure" crashed to a halt. Feeling foolish to think it would happen. 

She tells herself this can't be forever, in this place and that place. So she'll keep knocking and trying and praying and trusting.

Current tune: One Day I Will by Joy Williams



A new website

Psst... I mentioned a few blog posts back that I've started taking on freelance projects in my spare time. Freelance is something I've wanted to pursue for a while now and I figured it should start with a website. So, if you'd like, you can head over to to learn more about the services I offer. I'm still fine-tuning the content, but have decided to release it into the wild. 

AND since I'm starting this journey, I've decided I want to keep record of it. So whether it's blogging on my new site or here on The Owl Diary, expect to see more posts about the things I'm learning, what I'm creating, and what's inspiring me. My hope is that it could help another who's also on their own creative business journey.



Mix No. 10

For driving in your car on a hot summer day with both the air conditioning and volume on full blast.

1. Wild Things - Alessia Cara

2. Fast Car - Jonas Blue, Dakota 

3. Hymn for the Weekend - Coldplay

4. Fragile - Prince Fox, Hailee Steinfeld

5. The Ocean - Mike Perry, Shy Martin

6. Say It - Flume, Tove Lo

7. Final Song - MO

8. Close - Nick Jonas, Tove Lo

9. Unsteady - X Ambassadors

10. How to Love - Cash Cash

11. Please Don't Go -  Joel Adams

12. Be As You Are - Mike Posner

13. Sing Me To Sleep - Alan Walker

14. Lot to Learn - Luke Christopher