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In typical fashion, I slacked on my "homework." Back in November I mentioned a new series inspired by my friend Eddiea series called "Homework" where I would take the time to answer some of the difficult questions about myself and who I want to be. So here it goes...

Question 1: Where do you want to be emotionally in five years?

{Short & sweet} answer: In five years, I hope to be at peace with who I am and the decisions I've made. I hope to find courage in difficult situations. To be confident with my work. To be passionate about my relationship with God and with people. I hope to no longer be consumed by anxiety. To be generous and kind. To put others before myself. To continuously be thankful and inspired by the world around me. In five years, I hope my heart would break for what breaks His heart.

I thought about a few things that I can start doing to help me get there. Feed myself with His word, daily. Set aside time to learn about marketing + web design + other areas that can help me improve at my job. Practice saying no to fear and negativity. Make it a point to go out of my way to make someone's day better. Spend more time outside, instead of taking nature for granted. Take the time to listen. Be obedient. Keep trying.

Where do you want to be emotionally in five years?