I'd tell you my mom is coming to town on Saturday and I'm incredibly excited. Partly because she's superwoman and it'll be nice to have actual help with stuff around the house.

I'd tell you about my breakdown Monday night when I came home and discovered that our back door was unlocked and how the latch wouldn't attach and my roommate/cousin was an hour away and I didn't want to keep slamming the door and draw attention to the fact that I couldn't get the door shut to anyone that might be nearby over the fence. And how I was paranoid that someone was in the house. And how I sat on the kitchen counter, being dramatic while on the phone to my mom explaining how terrified I was and explaining this is how people get murdered and raped. Anyway, aftertwo trips to Lowes later and the roomie returning home, we had a temporary fix. And my grandpa fixed it the next day.

I'd tell you that Whole30 is way easier than I thought it would be. And how I'm excited to continue cooking and eating better.

I'd tell you about the Ray Lamontagne concert I went to last night and how his voice is incredible. And even though I didn't like all his songs... that voice! Also, I was a tad bummed he didn't play Hold You In My Arms.

I'd tell you that I love the patio furniture on the balcony at work and some days I spend three hours of my day working outside. 

I'd tell you that last Thursday the roomie and I decided to meet our friend at Six Flags in California. And how we waited in line all day. And how, since it's near Halloween, there are scare zones set up around the park at 7 o'clock with people dressed as scary clowns and zombies and the like. And they come up to you and growl in your face. It was mildly terrifying.

I'd tell you I was NOT happy about driving home right after said Six Flags trip. We got home at 5:15 am. I slept until 11 o'clock.

I'd tell you that "that thing I've been sad about" is still all so difficult and I'm struggling and it's going to take me a long time to get over this. And I don't know home I'm expected to ever get over it. And then I'd probably cry. Because these days I can be driving to the store and start crying or I can be standing in the kitchen and I start crying. Basically, I can cry anywhere at anytime. So I apologize for being an emotional wreck.

Speaking of crying, I'd tell you that I cried in front of my boss last week after I had a conversation with a co-worker. It wasn't anything the co-worker said. Well, not fully. I was just frustrated and overwhelmed and I thought I could escape to the bathroom without anyone seeing me.But when I arrived back at my desk my boss asked me what my co-worker had said because it clearly upset me. And then, uncontrollably, I started crying again. He said he'd come back and did, three seconds later, with a tissue. I have a good boss.

I'd tell you that my brother is engaged and I'm going to be in his wedding and how gorgeous my future sister-in-law's dress is and how I'm going to pick up my bridesmaid dress when my mom is here.

I'd tell you that the cat is still hanging around the house. She's spoiled and fed three times a day. She's waiting for us on the front porch rug when we get home from work. And she's there when we leave for work in the morning. Silly cat.

I'd tell you to watch the Jimmy Fallon interview with Bradley Cooper because it made me smile. 

And I'd finally shut up and tell you that I love to hear what's going on in your world. So tell me, what's new in your world?