You know what's lovely? Comfy socks scrunched over cold toes. These new PJ leggings that were 40 percent off at GAP. A hot, hot bath on a cold night. Listening to this playlist while writing and typing. Laughing with family and passionately talking about how great the first season of True Detective was and how The Leftovers never answered a single question all season. Driving the roommate crazy by listening to Taylor Swift on repeat. Shake It Off and Blank Space and Wonderland over and over and over again. Finding ornaments that are different from your norm. What's usually bright pink and green and blue and purple will be replaced with gold and brown and black and creamy fall colors. Getting off work at noon the day before a holiday and spending the day shopping. Being in and out of a grocery store--the day before Thanksgiving--in five minutes flat. Knowing that the next few weekends will be full of family, with dad coming out next weekend and leaving the weekend after and then me flying to Tennessee for Christmas the weekend after that. Being stuck at a fork in the road for a long time and finally taking a few steps in one direction. There's comfort in no longer being stuck at that place and slowly starting down a new path. Thanksgiving being postponed a day and getting to spend a day decorating the tree, watching Frozen, wearing PJs, and, just maybe, treating yourself to Starbucks. I hope you find yourself surrounded by lovely things and lovely people this Thanksgiving. Keep warm and keep safe.