Here's an attempt to start acknowledging—on a weekly basis—some of the little things that have recently made me happy.

  • Receiving kisses on my hand from a tiny yellow lab with the softest fur
  • Cold air & Arizona feeling like winter again for the past few days
  • Going to the grocery store to get girl scout cookies, only to discover that they don't sell on the weekends, then coming home to see a girl with a wagon selling cookies only a few doors down
  • A quiet, productive Friday at the end of a stressful, emotional week
  • The five hours spent making snazzy invitations for my cousin's Daytona 500 party
  • Excessively saying "yo"—Jessie Pinkman style—due to my new obsession with Breaking Bad
  • Organizing closets and my room
  • Spotify's new playlists; currently listening to Mood Booster—give it a listen!
  • Escaping to a coffee shop mid-week to catch up on some work & personal things
  • Feeling cold + clean after a long bath and snuggling up in warm sheets
  • The smell of Burt's Bees Milk & Honey lotion
  • Taking the time to finally blog and create

What's made you happy this week?!