• Disney channel original movies. Confession: I loved Cloud 9.
  • A shiny clean bathroom. Doesn’t that just feel the best?
  • Dinner with Gwen on Wednesday + having a genuine conversation with someone. It'd been too long.
  • Finding a font I’m absolutely in love with for half off. Expect to see it a TON!
  • Eating chocolate pudding while watching The Walking Dead, which should now be the norm. For those who don’t watch the show, see this picture to—kinda—understand why.
  • Having President’s Day off work.
  • Federal tax returns, despite already spending half of it.
  • Purchasing a ticket to Tennessee for my 25th birthday (with my tax return).
  • Bringing my lunch to work—apple, peanut butter, boiled egg, fruit, almonds, etc.—inspired by Starbucks protein box.
  • Chobani yogurt + Dunkin Donuts every morning.
  • The gals at Target having my back when I ripped my jeans in the dressing room. I somehow left Target with only the two Target employees knowing about my embarrassing situation.
  • Being reminded that U2 will always be rad. Been listening to Ordinary Love & old favorites like Stuck in a Moment.
  • My friend Michal visiting from California and staying with me for three nights.
  • Reading The Fault In Our Stars. Teenage romance novels FTW.
  • Getting out of work at 3 o’clock on Thursday.
  • Laser tag Friday night—a little boy about seven or eight found me in the middle of the game and said, "I can help you!" then continued to follow me around and actually had my back. At the end of the game he said, "That was fun! Are you playing the next round?" He made me feeling pretty darn cool and special.
  • Laughing more than I've laughed in a very long time at The LEGO Movie. See it. It's fantastic.

What things and moments have made you happy this week?