This week's happy things:

  • Taking Cooper, my aunt and uncle's dog, on multiple walks
  • Cousin Beckett's sweet smile and laughter
  • Peach + strawberry + banana smoothies from Tropical Smoothie
  • Family time on Tuesday when my Aunt invited me over for dinner
  • Finding the perfect grey nail polish
  • The possibility of having someone to go to church with again; SO excited!
  • Coffee; specifically mochas (this should always be on the list)
  • Celebrating my Aunt's birthday with breakfast, shopping, babysitting Beckett, cake + The Croods
  • The purchase of my Diesel watch that I've been eyeing for several weeks // (regular $140 & the sale price was $40)
  • Cancelling my gym membership—finally! I never went so this will save me $30 / month
  • Getting back to my life since—somewhat—since I finished watching Breaking Bad

What has you happy?