I turned 25 last month. Halfway through my twenties and I've started accepting that I have little figured out. However, I've come to realize a few things. Like that my family means the absolute world to me. That I'll probably never outgrow my desire to just be a kid. How to be confident, opinionated, outspoken and a leader at work. That the cure to any sadness is a baby's smile and laughter. That I fear being alone. That I don't have it together. That it's okay to be lost sometimes.

To celebrate my 25th, my mom and I took a special trip to Georgia, which I've decided may be prettier than Tennessee. If that's possible. Our first stop was in Covington where The Vampire Diaries is filmed. We also visited The Swan House, where a scene from The Hunger Games is filmed, in Atlanta. And 36 hours was spent in Savannahvisiting Wormsloe plantation, strolling alongside the river, hunting for seashells on Tybee Island, eating seafood at The Pirates House, shopping at neat shops like Prospector Co. and The Paris Market, walking in the park surrounded by historic Victorian houses, and sitting on benches in the various town squares. On the way back to my parent's house in Tennessee, we drove a mile off the freeway so I could snap a picture at The Walking Dead's "Terminus"a railroad located in a shady neighborhood in Atlanta. It was a much-needed trip for both my mom and I. And I hope I find myself back in Georgia one day—preferably living in a beautiful home in the Victorian Historic District in Savannah. <3