1. Worth reading: "The 'Divergent' Rape Scene: Here’s Why It Matters" on Medium. I recently finished the Divergent series and have concluded that Trish is one of my favorite heroines. There are clear differences between the film and novels. But the changes in the first film were made for the better IMO. This article explains some reasons why.
  2. The 1940s Industrial Design Mockup on Creative Market is a stunning collection of photos. If I had a clear need for these at the moment, I'd purchase in a heartbeat. Check out the link for three free images below the description.
  3. I've finally discovered a website that gives excellent coding tutorials for rad web design elements. Codrops is definitely my new go-to source.
  4. I love EVERYTHING about the paintings featured in Artist Depicts Rise and Fall of Walter White.
  5. This week was the Survivor finale. (Yes, 'm a fan.) Spencer gave the best speech on why Tony deserved to win. Watch it.