A new Bon Iver song titled Heavenly Father has been released. Need I say more?!

Oh, and a new song from The Shins

The Crossroads of Should and Must. An article that reminded me that "it’s about doing one small thing, anything, to honor our personal truth — today."

I don't think I could possibly relate to an article more than this: 14 Things That Happen When You Put Way Too Much Pressure on Yourself.

Anthropologie's party shop makes me miss throwing dinner parties.

29 Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions about Harry Potter, according to Buzzfeed.

People are so interesting + beautiful + unique + inspiring. Humans of New York is another project that showcases that.

Another popular video going around Facebook that's actually worth watching: Like A Girl.

This design concept for IMDB.

The Gosling and Culkin t-shirt continues.