Robin Williams, thank you for being spectacular.

I feel like this is the first celebrity death that I've truly mourned as I sit her typing this with tears in my eyes. I think about all the movies I grew up with and the movies I loved. And how so many were with him. I think about all the smiles he planted on my face growing up. And how other performances could bring me to tears. And how at seven years old, I'd watch Jack over and over, despite crying every single time. I know I didn't know Robin Williams, obviously, but it was always so clear that he was an actor who poured himself and every emotion into his work. He was genuine. 

Truly, my heart breaks for the pain he dealt with. It's a reminder that depression can happen to anyone. That you never know what's going on inside a person. That sometimes the people who you'd least expect, live in the darkest place when they're alone.

Today is the first time I've felt free in admitting that I've been in a dark place for a long time. And I think I'm so emotional because of the overwhelming love pouring out from the world, remembering a man who so many of us loved. A man who made the world better. Our world better. And this love reminds me that it's okay to admit that you're not okay. That so many of us are in a dark place. If your heart is heavy, you're not alone. You are loved. And life, it gets better.

Sending prayers out to all those battling depression. I love you. <3