Where I live there is a car alarm that goes off every night--sometimes multiple times--for a solid 30 seconds. I've woken up half-asleep on more than one occasion in panic thinking that it's my car alarm going off.

Where I live there's a person who takes a walk every night around 10 to 10:30 PM and loudly listens to what I can only assume is a book on audio. It's the most intriguing sound, as if someone were narrating life outside my window. Hard to explain, I think.

Where I live there's a young woman who I saw riding her bicycle throughout the neighborhood a few months back when I'd go on walks in the evening. In the bike's basket, she had a unicorn stuffed animal and a radio playing music that sounded like the Beach Boys. Every time I walked by her she would avoid eye contact. A few weeks ago I saw her on my way to get mail and she was the chattiest person ever after I helped her catch her dog who was on the lose, and had been attacked the day before. His hair was shaved on one side and his stitches were coming apart. It was gruesome.

Where I live we had no neighbors living in the house to the right for the longest time. Occasionally you'd see a random car in the driveway. Over the course of a few months, the roomie and I spotted about a dozen different cars in that driveway. I swore for the longest time that it was a safe house. Something shady. Now a family lives there with their kids.

Where I live there's a teenage boy who lives in a trailer in the neighborhood right across from mine. He's always outside with his dog or playing basketball in the gravel, including on the weekends. I've only seen an adult there once, an elderly woman. I have a theory that he's a good kid that lives with his grandparents (or grandma) and takes care of things around the house.

Where I live there's a prostitute that walks the streets surrounding our neighborhood. She once tried to chase down my cousin in his car. And every now and then you spot her trying to wave down a car. I once saw a car pull over to talk to her--even though she didn't wave the person down. She goes missing every now and then for about two months at a time. 

Where I live there's a little boy next door who tries to talk to my cousin and I when he spots us in the driveway. His mom doesn't like him talking to us and usually pulls him inside. She's a single mom and just protective of him, I think.

Where I live you hear gunshots at least half a dozen times per week. 

Where I live there's a lady who takes a shopping cart to and from the grocery store (located across the street) several times a day. She leaves the cart parked directly across from the house.

Where I live there was a man cursing loudly in the middle of the street on the telephone for a solid ten minutes once.

Where I live there was once a guy who I avoided at all costs because he walked the entire neighborhood and was simply creepy. He wore a bandana and I think he moved away.

Where I live, if you were to look outside the guest room in the back of the house, you would see the street light. On the northwest corner is where my dad's bus stop was located when he was a little boy.