Salted caramel mochas are back at Starbucks and that means it's the season for spending entirely way too much on coffee. It's only the beginning of September and I'm already giddy about fall's arrival. I've started watching Hallmark Channel movies in anticipation for the Christmas ones. There's a tabby cat that's been hanging around the house for the past few weeks that's orange and brown and white and it's reminding me that Halloween is soon here. I sat on the front porch petting him yesterday while he meowed what sounded more like cries than anything else. He can now find food and water on our front porch.

The cousin is planning his second vacation. He's driving to Tennessee to visit my parents, stopping for a half marathon on the way. Mom's going to drive back with him and will be spending the week of Halloween out here with me. That means getting tons of Mexican food, watching Ichabod Crane, and lots and lots of shopping. It's impossible for me not to be happy in the fall with the cool air, the celebration of so many holidays, nights getting darker earlier, my favorite shows coming back on TV, and, yes, the yummy coffee. Only two more weeks of summer. <3