01. / Every Wednesday I visit my aunt and uncle for "Survivor Night." Before Survivor starts, I take their dog Cooper on a walk. But this past Wednesday, the skies unexpectedly poured rain. But I, along with my cousin who's currently pregnant and was down from the mountains visiting her parents, decided to take Cooper on a walk anyway. I'd worn flip flops--a mistake due to the slipperiness of the ground and Cooper pulling me along like he always does. So hoodie over my head, the rain falling from the dark sky, I took off my flips and walked barefoot while my cousin "pregnant jogged" (as she referred to it) next to me. On that night, the simple act of my feet hitting the wet pavement was unexpectedly freeing and therapeutic and calming and wonderful and... for fifteen minutes, my soul was full of childlike happiness.

02. / My cousin (who I mentioned above) has a one-year-old (soon to be two) who is the sweetest boy. Two weekends ago on my trip up to Flagstaff, he learned how to say my nickname "Krissie." However, it sounds more like "kissy" or "sissy." It's the sweetest thing and my cousin texted me a few times over the past few weeks saying he's been asking for "Krissie." Heart. Melt. Little kids have this way of making you feel incredibly important. 

03. / "She took the leap and built her wings on the way down." These words keep following me. I've come across them half a dozen times in the past week and I feel like it so perfectly describes my life right now. I've slowly learned to let go of the pain and have discovered that time does heal wounds. And little by little, I'm starting to feel like myself again and can appreciate the person I'm becoming.