01. / Lately I've craved being outside. So last Saturday I drove to the park because the weather was perfect and I wanted to sit under a tree and read. But the park was insanely busy, so instead I texted my best friend to see if she'd like to accompany me to the park on Friday to sit beneath a tree on colorful blankets with iced coffee and pretty coloring books and her response was, "Does the pope wear a funny hat?!" So that's how we spent Friday and it was relaxing and pretty and happy and quiet and I can't tell you how badly I need more of those moments in my life. After, we picked up food and watched Endless Love and What If and ate chocolate and basically girl's nights are rad.

02. / Having the house to myself is my favorite. I can be on my own schedule and keep the house clean and watch whatever I want and listen to music exceptionally loud and wear whatever I want and it's glorious. This weekend I've been staying up until midnight (which a month ago would have been usual but lately doesn't feel late at all since I haven't been able to sleep well). And I've been listening to music loudly and Tumblring and watching Gilmore Girls (as well as Into the Woods + The Spectacular Now) and feeling like watching TV and being online is a perfectly acceptable way to spend my time this weekend.

03. / Speaking of listening to music loudly (and of Endless Love), I'm obsessed with that soundtrack. Pumpin Blood + Peaches (obsessed) + Surround You + Ends of the Earth + I Know It's You + All Our Endless Love. Happy music.