Seattle is more massive than I expected, with it's large skyscrapers, a harbor full of ships and industrial buildings and railways. We stopped at Pikes Place Market full of its shops and fish and flowers. The flowers were gorgeous and cheap and I can only imaging buying them often if I lived there. We grabbed coffee at the first Starbucks and fish tacos at a restaurant in Pikes. We checked in at our hotel shortly after. I was fascinated by the trees aligning the highway that had floppy branches.

We spent the evening at EMP Museum (Experience Music Project Museum) and the Space Needle. EMP had the Star Warsโ„ข and the Power of Costume exhibit, which I geeked out over. Other neat exhibits featured: Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Science Fiction, and Horror Films. There was a massive movie theater screen in the middle of the museum that played music videos (good ones) that looked like the perfect setting for a party. At the Space Needle, we were lucky enough to find a table and drank coffee before sunset.

We ended the evening walking near the Space Needle, stopping to watch wiener dogs play in a water fountain nearby and listening to a massive group of people beating drums and dancing and looking very hippy. I loved the vibe of the city, full of life, culture, music, art, and lotsa bearded men. And the air was cleaner there. We drove back to the hotel with the windows down, feeling the cold air and happy to be in a new city.