This was my favorite day of the trip, simply because I saw the prettiest mountains I've ever seen in my life. Prettier than any picture could capture. You just have to see it. We drove up the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler to Pemberton. At the beginning of the drive, the water is to your left and to your right are mountains of trees, with snow-capped mountains seen in the distance. Bicyclists and hitch hikers were seen every so often along the highway. There were signs for bears and we drove behind log trucks and you could see a waterfall on the side of a mountain way in the distance. We drove through several small towns that appeared to be the perfect place to visit and canoe and enjoy the water. We stopped at several scenic viewpoints to snap pictures. Before reaching Whistler, we hiked a short trail to Brandywine Falls. Note: We averaged 8+ miles a day on this trip. 

At Whistler, we stopped for coffee (we drank a lot of coffee on this trip as well) before walking around. The gondola was only open to snowboarders and skiers, many of whom were seen walking around and loving life. Whistler had several shops and I stopped to buy a beanie to cover my cold ears. Before leaving to continue our drive, I mailed a Whistler postcard to my parents. 

On the way to Pemberton, we hiked to Nairn Falls. Pemberton had the most magnificent view of the mountains covered in snow. I can't imagine living in such a place, far away from any city and waking up to such a stellar view. It's one of the prettiest places I've ever been. While a small town, it apparently hosts a large music festival, which I can only imagine is the raddest place to have a music festival. We grabbed McDonalds before heading back to Vancouver. We were lucky enough to venture off a road to Whistler Olympic Park and discover Alexander Falls. We also stopped to see Shannon Falls and snapped pictures on the pier in Porteau Cove. It was raining outside and the view was prettier than ever with the mist coming off the mountains. And once again, the smell of the rain and trees was glorious.

We ended the night walking in the rain, after arriving back at our hotel, to a Red Robin a few blocks down the street. Our waiter was impressed that we were from Arizona since it had just hosted the Super Bowl. On the way back, we walked through the set of The Man in the High Castle, where there was a military vehicle parked off the sidewalk and several people in troop costumes and old-fashioned clothing huddling under umbrellas.

Side note: If I ever go back to Canada, I want to explore Alberta, which has more mountains + waterfalls + lakes like those seen on the Sea to Sky Highway.