We made our way to the last city of our trip: Victoria. This was the least planned part of our trip, as we had no idea how we were going to spend our time. We took the ferry at 11 AM. You show up an hour early (book your reservation online!), wait in line, drive up a ramp and board the boat. The ferries can hold 200+ cars (semis and buses, too!) and you all park in a line. Once aboard, you get out of your car and you can choose to sit outside (it was too cold and most were smoking) or inside on one of the higher decks (which we did). The trip took 90 minutes. Once in Victoria, we stopped at the park to figure out what to see before checking in at the hotel. We missed seeing a lighthouse by one minute, as it closed at 5:30 and we arrived at 5:31. So we headed to the Buchart Gardens.

I wasn't sure how much my cousin would enjoy the gardens, but it turned out to be a fun time. We spent 90 minutes roaming the place. I've never so many flowers and so much color. It was beautiful and reminded me of my Nan, who was in love with flowers and birds more than anyone I've ever met. We drank salted caramel mochas while I stopped every few feet to snap pictures of tulips and cherry blossoms and dozens of other plants and flowers. It was a peaceful time.

After, we checked in at our hotel, which like Vancouver, was right on the harbor--but this time we were facing the water. It was beautiful and we walked a mile along the harbor, past the Empress hotel, through a few blocks downtown, to a pizzeria with the perfect food and comfy vibe. It was raining outside the entire evening and it was definitely the coldest place we visited.