This was the last full day of our trip so we decided to stick with our plan of one city day and one out-of-city day for each place on our trip. So we ventured outside of Victoria and headed northwest on Vancouver Island. It rained all day so we were layered up, but ready to stop at several waterfalls I'd researched the night before. The first was Niagara Falls (same name, but not the Niagara Falls) in Goldstream Provincial Park. The hike was certainly the roughest we'd encountered (and I wasn't wearing hiking shoes). Advice: Be smarter than I am and bring hiking shoes if you plan on visiting Canada.

After we parked, we walked down a small hill where we met a riverbed of rocks prior to climbing up a steep hill. From there, we took a path that takes you past the waterfall to where we expected to find an old railroad bridge. We reached a fork in the road and the sign pointed left. However, if we'd taken a few steps right and looked up, we would have seen the bridge. But no, we went left and walked over a mile before deciding to finally turn around as it was raining and no one was on the trail and the map showed us walking parallel to the railroad. So we turned around and finally found the bridge. The extra hike was worth it. No one else was around and we spent about 20 minutes snapping pictures, pretending a train was coming (the railway is no longer traveled on), and admiring the view. It was stellar. After, we took the short trail to the bottom of Niagara Falls, which you could walk right up to. This was definitely one of the coolest places we'd visited. 

After, we drove to Englishman River Falls Provincial Park and Little Qualicum Falls. The drive was pretty, but it was much of what we'd already seen on the trip. (Victoria is a place that I will mark off my list of places I've been and, if I visit Canada again one day, I'd spend more time in the Whistler area or would visit Alberta.) When we arrived back at our hotel, we couldn't decide where to eat so we went back to the same pizzeria as the night before. This time I got dessert, a scoop of gelato in a shot of espresso. I spent the evening packing my bags and not ready to go back to reality and say goodbye to all the pretty places we'd seen.

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