01. / My baby cousin Grady was born Wednesday night at 11:52 PM. We visited him in the hospital the next day and he is a beautiful boy. I'm incredibly excited to have another little buddy to hang out with. My cousin Courtney and Melissa each now have two boys and I love them all to pieces. They have brought so much joy into my life and have brightened many difficult days by making me forget all the scary adult stuff for a little while and all the things I worry about.

02. / My work recently laid off eight people, and five have since quit. One of those who was laid off hosted a BBQ at her house last night and it was wonderful being in the same place as my old work family once again. We sat in her backyard, talking around a fire pit and didn't leave until 12:30 AM. I'm incredibly blessed to have been able to see them every day for as long as I did. They are truly wonderful people and I love them forever.

03. / On the same note as #1 and #2, I'm incredibly thankful that I know so many wonderful people in Arizona. I always miss my parents and brother. It sucks not being in the same state as them. But I get to hang out with my family every weekmy aunt, uncle, and cousinsand I have made friends for life through work. And, of course, there's my friends who I've known for years, like my bestie Gwen. I'm so grateful. <3